Public Library Merthyr Tydfil

Public Library Merthyr Tydfil

Public library -£3.4 million, 2400sqm-

Client.Merthyr Tydfil Regeneration Division

Innovative development of a new Public Library proposed at Penderyn Square in Merthyr Tydfil town centre. The development of this site, linked with the enhancement of the public realm at Penderyn Square will support and promote the continued development and regeneration of Merthyr Tydfil town centre providing educational and leisure opportunities for the local community.

The concept design is concentrated on emphasising the public space first and foremost. It is a bold, simple modern form with abstracted columns forming essentially a large window over the square. The columns, acting as a solar shading device as well as breaking up the scale of the façade.

The modern appearance of the building represents a new, more identifiably forward-looking approach to public services provision and regeneration within Merthyr Tydfil.

The proposed material is natural Portland stone, of a similar colour to the existing library, while being less striking and more natural than the Old Town Hall stone. The building will have three visible façades. The ‘Service Façade’ to the west acts like a large page which offers an opportunity to display literary references and relate to Welsh culture while the ‘Bays Façade’ to the east has a number of windows with a similar tone to some of the other buildings along High Street. Some of these windows project out towards the street to provide small seating areas for viewing and reading. The ‘Main Façade’ is south oriented and would provide vertical blade protection against solar gain. These elements would be extended into the library as more private spaces to read and relax with shelves for newspapers.

1.  Plans and construction details [Vecorworks]
2. 3D images [ScketchUp/SuPodium/Photoshop/Indesign]

Roles & Responsibilities:
1.Design & Hand-Drawings
4.Town Planning Application
5.Design Commission of Wales-Presentation










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