Creativity is my passion. Picasso said that creativity comes after being working for 80 hours. That is true. Creativity is something difficult. You have to be so patient and work constantly until you get the solution that will solve the problem. Architecture it has a lot to be with creativity and innovation.

Architecture + Landscape

I understood Architecture as a combination of Space, Materials and Place. Then every time I start a project I think about how people experiment the volume, the light and the surroundings. Looking at how the space is defined, which materials achieved a better connexion with people and how the project integrates in its context.


Learning and Technology

Learning is something that you should do constantly. This is why I understand Learning as a living attitude. Nowadays, Technology defines the architecture evolution and process, which make myself learn how to approach the projects using new software and methodologies.


Projects in 3 countries

Years experience

  • English 98%
  • French 65%
  • Spanish 100%
2D/3D Design Software
  • Revit 90%
  • Navisworks / Excell 70%
  • ArchiCad 70%
3D Models and Rendering
  • SketchUp/SuPodium 100%
  • 3D Autocad 70%
  • Su Podium 100%
  • Photoshop 92%
  • Illustrator 70%
  • InDesign 60%


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